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The Deep Roots Distillery Taproom

Our Story

Deeply rooted in the growth and happiness of our community, we are thrilled to introduce Deep Roots Distillery! We are, Tom, Errica and Keith, a team of three who during the long months/years of Covid learned the ins and outs of distilling and mixing delicious concoctions. 


We use as many locally sourced ingredients as possible which lends itself to supporting other local businesses; an effort we're committed to. In addition to supporting local, we are also dedicated to supporting this country, the USA. Whether it's from the molasses used in the rum, to the bottles the spirits are housed in, it's all USA made. 


Community, country, family and friends is what we are rooted in, now and forever. 

Team Member: Errica

Team Member: Tom

Team Member: Keith

Meet Errica, Tom, and Keith the team members that make up Deep Roots Distillery
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