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Whether it's a signature drink, an appetizer or non-alcoholic refresher, we've got something for everyone. All our Spirits are made with natural ingredients, no artificial colors of flavors. Keeping the integrity of the spirits flavor and holding onto the local touch and US flair. Available Spirits can be purchased on site in 750ml bottles or enjoyed by the glass in our our tasting room. Scroll down to see our offerings.. 


All American (Corn Whiskey)

Like taking a bite of an apple pie. Taste the sweet apples and cinnamon to give you the warm feeling of home 


Satan's Brew (Corn Whiskey)

Only a select few can handle   the heat. Make a deal with the devil   and experience an inferno like no other. This shine will kick your taste buds into high gear


Nectar of the God's (Corn Whiskey aged in American Oak Barrels)


Smooth corn whiskey aged   for a short time in an oak barrel and then flavored with local honey to give   it a sweet fresh flavor


It's Whiskey...Eh! (Corn Whiskey aged in American Oak Barrels)


A staple of our friends and family to the North. The addition of local maple syrup gives this young whiskey a flavor like no other. Smell and taste the sweet, local and fresh flavors 


Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot (Rye Wheat Whiskey aged in American Oak Barrels)


A perfect combination of Rye and Wheat to create a smooth whiskey that will make you say “WTF”, how can this whiskey be so young? 



Kick up any cocktail with our all-natural spicy vodka. Warm your belly with the explosive and fiery taste. It will set your heart a blaze



Sometimes you feel like a nut (Amaretto)

Almonds, Almonds everywhere! This nutty liqueur is a great accent to take your drink from ordinary to extraordinary 

Not Your Nonnie's (Sambuca)

This is definitely NOT your Nonnie’s Sambuca! Hints of licorice that does not overpower because we pair it with local honey that gives it a cloudy appearance but also a bit of sweetness 

Meltdown (Chocolate)

Decadent and sweet liqueur made with cocoa nibs to give a beautiful flavor and aroma that will make you melt. 

EchtoCooler (Limecello)

Extreme color and flavor   glides across your pallet with this citrus liqueur.

Pucker Up (Limoncello)

A true dessert and   summertime treat. This sweet vibrant   lemon liqueur is refreshing and the perfect after meal drink to share with   family and friends.

Sunkissed (Arancello / Orange)

A citrus flavor crisp on your lips! The stimulating tang of our orange liqueur will brighten up your day. 


Easy Like Sunday Morning (Coffee)

Take a sip and imagine yourself relaxing on Sunday morning. Our coffee liqueur uses our house made vodka and locally roasted coffee to bring you a smooth enjoyable cocktail. What sets ours apart are the chocolate undertones pulled from the cocoa nibs added during the flavoring process.

Dead Man's Chest

Sing your sea shanty and set sail with notes of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves. It will bring out your inner pirate. ARGH! 

Eye of the Storm

A true cyclone of sweet and spicy. As the storm settles on our palette, enjoy the calming/relaxing flavor of this tropical rum 

Signature Cocktails

Pirate's Storm

Spiced Rum & Ginger Ale on the rocks

Coffee Martini

Vodka, Coffee Liqueur

Limon Mojito

Limoncello, Rum, Fresh mint, Club Soda over Ice

Sweet Heat

Pineapple Jalapeno Rum, Pineapple Juice, Jalapeno, Club Soda


Coffee Liqueur, Sambuca & Milk on the rocks


Spirt Flight

Choose any 4 from our available list

Mini Cocktail Flight


Choose any 4 of our signature cocktails

Tasting Tray

Includes 3 spirits, 3 pallet cleansers, 1 mini cocktail and a snack

Spirit Pour

Order Neat or on the rocks


Sweet Spot

Vegetarian (V) Gluten Free(GF)

Warm Pita with Hummus (V)

Tortilla chips with warm BBQ Chicken Dip (GF)

Meatball Sliders on Garlic Bread

Garlic Parmesan Dough Bites with Marinara (V)

Cinnamon Sugar Dough Bits with Dipping Sauce


Boozy Version available with Coffee Liqueur


Boozy Version available with your choice of spirits, made with Ice Cream from Gibson's Dairy

Bowl of Ice Cream

Ice Cream from Gibson's Dairy

Last but not least...

Glass Bottle Local Soda

From Harmony Springs 

Rotating Local Draft Soda

From Harmony Springs

Bottled Water

Iced or Hot Coffee

make it Boozy by adding your choice of spirit

Rotating Mocktail

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